United Nations Experience & International Perspective

Ian Williams


Ian Williams has consulted on media matters and conducted media training courses for UNDP, the UN and many NGOs and corporations across the world. He teaches a class in writing skills oat New York University’s MSc Global Affairs dept, and he has lectured at universities from Japan to Kazakhstan in current affairs and media matters, including Bard, Columbia, CUNY etc. He speaks regularly at World Affairs Councils, UNA’s, universities and colleges across the world, from Almaty to Alaska, on the Middle East, UN and world affairs. Full Vitae

Mark Seddon


Mark Seddon has over twenty years experience as an Editor and international television journalist, most recently as UN Correspondent and New York Bureau Chief, Aljazeera English International TV. He is a former Vice President of the United Nations Correspondents Association. More recently, he was Diplomatic Correspondent for Aljazeera TV based in London. He has interviewed amongst other, Ban ki moon, Tony Blair, Lech Walesa and George Clooney, and reported from eighteen countries as a Foreign Correspondent, including Haiti, DR Congo and North Korea. Mark Seddon is a former Editor of Tribune, a newspaper previously edited by among others George Orwell and Michael Foot. He has written for most UK newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times, the Independent, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Daily Telegraph. In addtion he is an occasional contributor to The National (Abu Dhabi), as well as Private Eye. He has strong speaking and presentational skills, having lectured at universities in the UK and USA and has dealt with crisis and reputational management issues including for the Press Complaints Commission, the Takeover Panel and the UK Offshore Oil Operators Association. He has been employed by the UK Foreign Office to advise on New Media, as well as training young British Muslims on developing media skills.

Ana Arana


Ana Arana is an investigative journalist with extensive international experience. A former foreign correspondent for U.S. news outlets, for the last 15 years Arana has been a media trainer for various international groups, including the Inter American Press Association and the International Centre for Foreign Journalists, and has conducted trainings in Africa, Latin America, and South and East Asia. She has also worked on the staff of the Committee to Protect Journalists in New York. She speaks English French, Portuguese and Spanish. Her concern for media standards was shown with her work for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Marian Houk


Marian Houk has had 13 years of experience as a journalist accredited to United Nations Headquarters in New York, and over 14 years of experience as a United Nations international staff member, working for the Department of Public Information in New York and in Geneva, Switzerland.  She has been based in Jerusalem since mid-2007, covering Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.  Born in New York, she has lived and worked outside the United States in France, the Middle East, southern Africa, Central America, and Switzerland for over 20 years, and is an experienced journalist, reporter and editor in all areas of print and online media, radio, and new media.

Charles Laurence


Charles Laurence, author of “the Social Agent” has led seminars at The International School, Columbia University, in the identification of news and social/political issues and the means of projecting them in the media. As Bureau Chief in New York for The Daily Telegraph, he developed on-camera skills as a commentator as well as representative of his newspaper, while supervising his staff in those roles.

Anora Mahmudova


Anora Mahmudova is a journalist at the Financial Times Bureau in New York. Uzbek born Anora is completely fluent in English, Russian and Uzbek with additional Spanish skills. Educated in Tashkent and Pace University New York, she worked for several years with the BBC World Service in English, Russian and Uzbek after a period with UNFPA’s media department. For five years she has been with the the Financial Times, where, in addition to reporting her duties have included video production for the web site, editing the online edition. In addition to training FT staff in online journalism and web techniques, she has lectured in many venues, ranging from Central Asian journalism Schools to  SUNY, Buffalo, Paterson University New Jersey, and Columbia University. Her radio, video and online experience makes her an invaluable resource, not least when added to her linguistic skills. In 2011/2012 she held a prestigious Knight Bagehot Fellowship at Columbia Business School.