Media Training
Speaking • Presentations • Events

We have always stressed the hugely important role in development played by an active and alert media and the possibilities for UN staff to advance their agenda. Our media skills trainers have extensive knowledge and experience of the media in the developed and developing World. They have lived and worked in all parts of the World, and more specifically have strong employment and family ties with North America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East. As such they bring what we believe to be unrivaled experience, and knowledge.

Our trainers have worked as interviewees as well as interviewers and so can bring unmatched awareness of the pitfalls and the opportunities. Our approach is designed with the individual staff member in mind.

Our associates are also acutely aware of political sensibilities and realities in different parts of the world. Journalistic ethics might be universal in theory, but we are deeply conscious of the political and legal constraints in different countries and regions, and have a wealth of experience in how to convey core messages without risk of retribution or political difficulties for the organization.

Our Media will provide officers with concrete examples of what to do and what not to do, as well as concrete examples of work, whether it be in the field of television, print or New Media, for them to take back and share with other colleagues.

In addition to seminars on speaking and presentation and media presentation, our methods include preparation for a mock press conference, “disaster” preparation, both for real disasters and media catastrophes. Our training includes advice on how to avoid media disasters, and damage control if they happen anyway.

Our trainers offer full one on one interview coaching in camera skills as well voice training and script writing, advice on writing copy to deadline, for broadsheets, tabloids and for blogs.

On the completion of workshops, our trainers will provide written, visual and audio tests for each trainee in order to assess their capabilities.