United Nations Experience & International Perspective

Deadlinepundit Ltd is a UK registered public affairs media consultancy which specializes in advising a wide range of clients on political and media strategy. With offices in New York, the UK and Brussels, it works with EU-based consultancy Pol.Int Through our links with sister organizations in North America, and with our broad range of associates across the international media, we also organize extensive media training programmes for companies, local and national governments, international organizations and NGO’s as well as providing them with strategic advice on media and communications.

Our staff and associates have experience in a broad range of media, having worked in television, radio, newspapers, magazines and new media, as Editors, Bureau Chiefs, Foreign Correspondents, writers and columnists. They also have extensive experience in drawing up strategic communications advice for a number of Governments and organisations, including; the United Nations, Peoples Republic of China, Government of the Maldives, UK regulatory authorities, local government associations and blue chip companies.

The company believes that it is very important to set a gender positive example, particularly in the field where discrimination has been identified as a problem, which is why we endeavour to ensure that our trainers include at least half accomplished female journalists whose very presence helps advance the development agenda.

Our founding partners are Ian Williams and Mark Seddon, in association with Charles Laurence, Ana Arana, Marian Houk and Anora Mahmudova, and former MEP Glyn Ford, who have an excellent knowledge of the United Nations and related organizations, corporate and political affairs, and extensive global media experience.

We should stress that they have been involved on both sides of the camera – as interviewers and interviewees, as pundits and journalists, which gives them unique practical experience of the needs of UNDP staff faced with media questioning.

The languages they represent include Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Uzbek and all have extensive lecturing and teaching experience.

Our staff and associates include two former Presidents (Ian Williams and Marian Houk) and a former Vice President (Mark Seddon) of the United Nations Correspondents Association Association and access to a worldwide network of prizewinning journalists.